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Hacking - we free hack our falcons for 30 days in the vast, high deserts of Nevada.

NEW!!!- Super Hack - Avaiable on Special Order- Falcons hacked for up to 60 days with satelite transmiters.Thus, falcons are transformed to”wild falcons”, approaching that of a passage bird. Here, they must hunt to survive and are trapped as a wild falcon. Imagine a truly “wild hacked” gyr or gyr/peregrine!

100’ Round Barn - Some of our best falcons are moved to our 100’ round barn at the end of the hack, where they continue flying and developing physically until we ship them to our customers.


Dave Jamieson’s Skyout Falcons is one of the oldest falcon breeding facilities in the world, having pioneered artificial insemination and producing top quality falcons since 1970. Sky-Out Falcons
We specialize in the finest gyrfalcons and gyr/peregrine hybrids with their development (hacked, chamber raised or imprinted) tailored to our customer’s wishes.

Aside from excellent game hawks, Skyout Falcons has produced the most Sky Trial winners in the USA.

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Dave Jamieson
1701 Newport Ln.
Reno, NV 89506
Cell Phone: 001 (775) 722-0732


Martin Stiasny
Cell Phone : 001 (775) 846-7007